Posted by: Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean | December 11, 2015

Cross-Country Skiing in Canada

Cross-Country Skiing in Canada

In the photo and blog post below, you see my Canadian world the way it should look on this typical December 2015 morning.   Instead, there is NO SNOW outside.  The grass is green, and a Western Bluebird that should be at least 1000 miles from my backyard was sighted here yesterday.  Shockingly for the first time in my life I actually picked lettuce from my garden in December.  At this time of year my garden should be frozen and deep under snow.  The impact of climate change is all around me.  Right now at 12 noon its 18 celsius outside and temperature records are being broken.  Hopefully someday, the world you see in my post below will return to my Canadian world.

Jean x-country skiing in Algonquin Park - Ontario

Cross-Country Skiing in Algonquin Provincial Park

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