Posted by: Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean | December 9, 2016

A Green Kingfisher at San Blas, Mexico

Green Kingfisher male, mangrove swamp, san blas, nayarit, mexico, pic 2

Bob and I were so excited as we set off from the pier on our mangrove swamp tour.  With Chencho at the helm of our substantial launch, we were confident that many tropical birds would not allude detection.  One species that caught our eye on several occasions was a Green Kingfisher, seen here perching at the edge of the San Cristobal mangrove estuary.

Green Kingfisher, male, mangrove swamp, san blas, mexico , pic4

The day was perfect for just such an adventure with warm sunshine beating down on us and a light breeze to wash away our cares.  I can at least claim to have seen a flash of white as this Green Kingfisher abruptly climbed into the air from where it was skimming the water’s surface.  It brought itself up short onto this horizontal root of a mangrove tree.

Green Kingfisher, male, mangrove swamp, san blas, mexico , pic 11

It was fortunate for us that the sunlight infiltrated the deep shadows cast by the mangrove trees so we could really appreciate the dark green head and even distinguish the bronze-coloured crown of the Green Kingfisher.  We knew this to be a male by the band of rust plumage across the bird’s breast.  Green Kingfishers are small birds, similar in size to a sparrow, but their dagger-like bill more resembles that of a heron.

jean aboard boat, mangrove swamp, san blas, mexico

The San Cristobal estuary provides perfect habitat for Green Kingfishers to forage for food.  These birds prefer dense, low-growing vegetation upon which to perch along a waterway.  From those vantage points, they watch for prey…small fish, aquatic insects, or crustaceans.

Source: A Green Kingfisher in the mangrove swamp at San Blas

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