Posted by: Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean | December 10, 2016

An African Jacana in Kruger National Park


Bob and I were obliged to remain inside our car at Sunset Dam as is the case almost everywhere you go in Kruger National Park.  Allowance is made for parking along one section of the shore, and it was from there that we had fantastic views of this African Jacana.


Using our binoculars, both Bob and I had our eyes trained on the far shore of the pond where a family of Hippopotamuses was basking in the sun.  A flicker of movement next to the passenger-side door drew my attention to a pair of Sandpipers and this African Jacana.  It was unmistakable with its remarkably blue bill and matching frontal shield that extends up over the bird’s crown.


The Sandpipers and African Jacana foraged side by side in the shallows even though a Nile Monitor lurked nearby on the bit of dried vegetation that littered the brown sand.

Source:  An African Jacana at Sunset Dam in Kruger National Park

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