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Our visit to Nkumbe Lookout in Kruger National Park

Our visit to Nkumbe Lookout in Kruger National Park


nkumbe lookout, kruger national park, south africa

Our drive north from Lower Sabie Rest Camp brought us to one of the most popular lookouts in Kruger National Park, Nkumbe Viewpoint.  There, a simple thatched structure is constructed on a high ridge giving an unparalleled view of the striking lowveld savanna that spreads to the horizon.


After having spent a good block of time at Sunset Dam near Lower Sabie Rest Camp, we took our leave by crossing over the Sabie River and driving north along the Tshokwane-Lower Sabie Road (H10).


Like on the trip south from Skukuza, many wildlife sightings made the drive interesting.  This weathered dead tree made the perfect resting spot for numerous White-backed Vultures.  I have since learned that these birds, also referred to as African White-backed Vultures, have recently been re-categorized as Critically Endangered, so Bob and I were extremely lucky to come across these few.


Though African White-backed Vultures eat carrion, they often rely on other vultures and scavengers to lead them to animal carcasses.  As with other vultures, the head and neck are largely bare so that they are easier to keep clean and free of bacteria after delving deep within a dead body for bits of meat.  The whitish plumage on the back is what gave this species its name.


Our route was never far from a river, and it was easy to see how washouts could occur during the rainy season.  Even though we traveled to South Africa during the very early summer, several times we encountered stretches of dirt road that were under water or at risk of becoming flooded.


Over the miles that we traveled, Bob and I came across some amazing iconic landscape that fulfilled our every expectation of South Africa.  On this day, we found that the highway upon which we drove seemed to separate two distinct types of terrain that were in direct contrast to one another.

Visit Our visit to Nkumbe Lookout above the savannah in Kruger National Park for the full post.

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